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We are a large group of companies and employ over 700 personnel and operate a diverse range of registered transport equipment.


Prime Movers (including cab overs), Winch Trucks, Body Trucks, Pantechs, Tilt Trays & Crane Trucks

Trailing Equipment Equipment

Flat-Top Semi Trailers (B-Double And Full Deck Combinations), Tautliners / Curtainsider Trailers (B-Double And Full Deck Combinations), Roll Trailers, Drop-Deck Trailers, Extendable Trailers, Skel-Trailers, Floats (Widening, Extendable, High Capacity), Tip Trailers, Fridge Vans, Pantech Trailers, Side-Loader / Swing Lift Trailers, Water Tanker Trailers, Vacuum Tanker Trailers, Potable Water Trailers & Pneumatics Bulker Tanker Trailers.

Loading Equipment

Rig Trucks, Winch Trucks, Crane Trucks, Side-Loader / Swing Lift Trailers, Loaders & Forklifts

Lifting Equipment

Franna Cranes (All Terrain 25t & Ordinary 12t) & Mobile Cranes (50t, 60t & 100t)

Other Equipment

Commercial Utes, Vans and Crewe Vehicles


King-Air Aircraft & Navaho Aircraft

Equipment has been purchased or fitted out to meet customer requirements for operating capacity, safety and reliability.

All company vehicles are fitted with In-Vehicle Monitoring Units which enable live tracking and performance monitoring of activities over mobile and satellite networks. NMT management is able to monitor driver performance and vehicle position / progress via an online system called Geotab / Fleet Complete. System is compliant with Safer Together requirements / reporting standards.

With the size of our fleet we are able to situate equipment in key operating areas and customize services to ensure our customer requirements are consistently met with levels of redundancy available with surplus units available in each area in the event of breakdown.

In addition local maintenance facilities, crews and mobile response units are available at each site to ensure the ongoing operability and road-worthiness of vehicles.